Viagra (Sildenafil) is a drug to increase the potency and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Viagra acts on vascular smooth muscle cells corpora cavernosa of the penis. Moreover, the specific acts: the arteries that provide blood flow to the cavernous bodies, expand, and the veins, which is the outflow of blood narrows. As a result of such action erectile tissues fill with blood and become elastic and there is persistent, prolonged erections.
In the absence of sexual stimulation, the use of Viagra at recommended doses, is ineffective.

Information related to Viagra and more.
Opinions about what long-term use of this drug affects the nervous system and blocks the zone responsible for the erection at all, are without the slightest foundation. It takes only one bad experience and the unconscious man firmly established in his insecurity and fear of the next potential failure. Using Viagra eliminates uncertainty and thus helps the patient to calm down and with honor to the sexual act.

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Viagra can be applied and the fair sex! A lot of women who have used this drug, sexual experiences are much brighter and more positive. Preparation itself does not directly relaxes the corpus cavernosum, but thanks to him more actively in this direction works oxytocin.
Note that oxytocin is produced in the body of both men and women. During childbirth and breastfeeding women are released into the blood more of this hormone than usual, which helps to establish a connection between her and the baby. In general, oxytocin facilitates emotional contacts, build trust and desire.

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